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Absinthe Feedback


Comments: Thank you very much for the prompt delivery. You guys rock!!
Dear Sir/Madam,

I received the package of bottles today.
Thank you so much!
Nobuhiko S.
I received the parcel yesterday. Thanks again for your great customer service!!!
Order recieved thank you Ulrich very pleased will use you again. I like your facebook page too
Received your order today. The packaging was fantastic and items were all as described. I wasnt expecting to receive it so quickly either. I will definitely be ordering from you again in the near future!
I just received my package in its entirety today!  Thank you for the great service.
Comments: thanks for the refill! First order was great!
All is well and DANKA, Great service and products, I still haven't figured out how t k pay dire fly through the bank
Comments: Loved the last 2 Absinthes I bought. Also the video's are very entertaining and learnfull.
Thank you again and merry Christmas!
Hey Ulrich,
Guess what just arrived this very minute? What a relief.
Thanks so much for being such a nice guy. I appreciate the quick communication and the great service!
Best regards,
I just wanted to thank you for the good service and delivery on my order.  This was the fastest that I have received a package from Germany.
I look forward to ordering from you again. Thanks you,
I bought your absinthe 35. I really like it and it reminds me of the same stuff I had while in Prague. I ordered this same bottle from another online service and it was terrible compared to yours.
I will be ordering a lot more! Thanks for the great service!
Steve B.
Hi, Ulrich,
This note is a little late in coming but I wanted to personally thank you for the finely-crafted products I ordered from your company. They were shipped and packaged accordingly and are exactly what I wanted.
As promised, you have a new customer. I will come to your site first for my Absinthe needs.
Best, Richmond
Comments: My second order with your company. I have been very pleased with both your service and your products!
Comments: This is my third order from "Absinthe-Dealer". Each time the order was quickly processed and the product outstanding. Note that because absinthe is not widely available in the U.S., it makes a unique and welcome gift. 
I received the package in about 3.5 weeks after ordering. The package was fine and even better than expected. It had been over a year since I had absinthe. I'm so glad I found your website. I will make another order in the near future.
I've ordered several bottles of Absinthe from you to my home here in Canada over the past couple of years now. Ive been very very happy with your service and the speed in which the bottles have landed at my front door. So, thank you!
Hi Ulrich,
Thatís great :) Thank you so much for your quick reply and great customer service!
I can see myself becoming a regular customer as I get back in touch with the green fairy
Kind wishes
Comments: This is my third order from Absinthe-Dealer.I will admit to some concern at first dealing with a company overseas with which I was not familiar. However on both prior occasions the order was processed quickly and the product was as represented!
Hello Mr. Hosse,
I received the second bottle today.  Thank you very much for the fast reply and excellent customer service.  It is very much appreciated, and I look forward to ordering from you again.
Best regards,
Comments: This is my third or fourth order with your company. Keep up the great work!
I also discovered that  ice cold, good and clear water is very important. Last year I installed a water softener which improved the quality of my tabwater. The hardness is just 1 german hardness. Also no more chalk in it. That was a great experience.
I do not use sugar a lot, only in real bitter Absinthe like Bairnsfather. But when I do I use sugar cane cubes or palm flower sugar. They contain a bit more caramel in their taste.


I feel your new shipping system is very good :-)
I received the package within almost a week, and it's very fast.
Best regards,
N. Suehiro
Absinthe Chocolate Gottesauge
I bought some delicious chocolate in Berlin called 'Absinth Gottesauge' by Absinth Oase and I was wondering if it is available to buy online and ship to me in Sweden? Thanks!
Absinthe Toulouse Lautrec 68% vol.
Thankyou so much for your reply..
I will be buying from you tomorrow when my pay goes through..
Yohr stor has great stuff..
Absinthe KARMAGIDDON 89,9% vol.
Hello i would just like to say i recevied the absinthe , spoon and glass safley on the 27/09/11, thank you so much this absinthe is great Thank you very much.
Just experienced ABSINTHE KARMAGIDDON for the first time. Very small amount taken with tonic water (my preferred method of drinking) after two or three large glasses of wine - pretty much instantaneous effects, almost like a switch being turned on. Very strange - some confusion and then a strange relaxed calmness, very short lived, not at all what I was expecting - but very pleasant, none the less. Must explore more deeply.
Absinthe TEMPEL 66% vol.
I ordered several bottles from you last week; it came in good time. "Tempel" by Cami is fantastic! (I ordered it based on your recommendation.) Thank you, & will be ordering here again!

Absinthe St. Antoine 70% vol.
I liked the St. Antoine very much. It had a good soft wormwood taste and a nice louche. I also liked the nosing. Like a little garden full of flowers. Another one of Zufanek i liked very much is the Zufanek Dubied 70%. Which is almost impossible to get and is pretty expensive. The taste is like nothing i ever had. Like a warm summer evening at a hearth fire in the garden.
The St. Antoine is excellent with old strong cheese.
Absinthe Ultra Maxima 65% vol.
The Ultra Maxima is another amazing Absinthe. Green taste with wormwood and a fantastic louche and nose. This one I will order again in the future.
I like Absinthe with a strong green and herbal taste. Especially with wormwood and a high Thujon content. I like a lot of layers in a spirit. I like to discover them to enjoy the drink. Also to combine with food. Like fish, cheese and meat. F.e. The Ultra Maxima I enjoyed with grilled salty sardines.
Absinthe Quantenspringer 68% vol.
The Quantenspringer was very different, due to the honey. It works differently on your taste buds and was a bit more mellow. I expected it to be a bit stronger in herbs, but it is a very tender and delicate Absinthte. This one takes time to enjoy. Sometimes you need to let it rest in its pure form for a while to let it breath. Very good with Italian Anti-pasta.
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