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ABSINTHE ESPRIT DE SANTE0,5 l - 68% vol. alc.
Manufacturer:Cami Distillery
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A new top absinthe has been created in the absinthe sky. For a long time, fans of the former anniversary absinthe Absinthe du Jubilee 15 had to wait until a similar ingenious taste was available again at an affordable price. Based on this anniversary potion as a basic recipe, the Absinthe Esprit de Sante has been significantly improved. This year's very successful wormwood harvest (no wonder in this dream summer 2018) made it possible to distill several strong wormwood varieties in fresh condition into this exceptional Absinthe. Nevertheless, there is also a clear taste of lemon balm besides the wormwood and the other absinthe-typical herbs, which are supposed to be the theme of this distillate: Strong, freshly distilled wormwood refined above all by strong melissa. The followers of the Absinthe du Jubilee 15 know what is meant... It was one of the absolute favourites of the past new creations. A total of 11 herbs are used in the recipe, whereby 5 herbs are used for colouring. Furthermore, 4 of these 11 herbs are not dried, but distilled fresh, which is very unusual, as almost exclusively dried herbs are distilled in competing products. Green anise (also called fruit anise) is also used instead of star anise, as it tastes significantly softer and more pleasant on the tongue than the liquorice effect of star anise.
As the first batch, only 600 bottles were distilled, so that each of these bottles is also of interest to collectors. Nevertheless - please drink these so that you know what is possible in the assortment of top absinthes.
Recommended mixing ratio: 1 part Absinthe Esprit de Santé - 3,5-5 parts ice-cold water and maybe 1 sugar cube

And again: In contrast to the basic recipe of the du Jubilee 15, the wormwood content of the Esprit de Santé has been significantly increased - and I would please you to be careful with the super harvest of Absinthe herbs in 2018. (don`t drink and drive) :-))))
Introductory price: only valid from 27.08.2018 - 16.09.2018!! Thereafter Standard price
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