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ABSINTHE KARMAGIDDON0,5 l - 89,9% vol. alc.
Manufacturer:Cami Distillery
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Absinthe Karmagiddon should be 5% greater strength to our other new creation of the strongest legal absinthe available all over the world. Here, be careful! Karmagiddon absinthe is first of all a pure distillate, which is dyed green with natural colour herbs. But as a pure distillate can not have the very strong absinthe effect (by distillation, the essential active ingredients are not enough to go over into the final result), along with the other important ingredients colour macerate were added to increase the absinthe effect significantly. A total of 10 different herbs in the absinthe applied in different ways. For about 11 months, we worked out to this effect and we have tested and tested ... We were gone with alcohol and thujone basically already to the allowed maximum, but so long as our customers know that thujone alone is not the significant absinthe effect. The interaction of alcohol and thujone with other herbs and spices has to fit just comes out the other end of an absinthe as anyone else and is not intended been our own objective of this special absinthe. Basically, our philosophy, along with the Cami Distillery yes good taste with the highest possible absinthe effect is to combine. This absinthe should have at first the highest absinthe effect. The taste is complex with a rounded flavor. Although the anise (not star anise, but green anise) was kept very low and the herb flavor predominates here clearly occurs on addition of cold water intensive turbidity / Louche. Absinthe Karmagiddon shows a label, which was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Although it is one of the hitherto unknown, we found it appropriate here. Absinthe Karmagiddon is in a dark glass bottle with cork, which almost 90% vol. alc. also endure. In this first batch 170 bottles were produced.
Since I've just drunk a glass of it ... I've also drunk King of Spirits Gold and Century Absinthe or TL Special, but such an effect ... An advice to our catering customers. I would not offer that absinthe, because you cannot sell it so much per person ... it is too strong... Better enjoy at home.
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