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ABSINTHE ROQUETTE0,7 l - 75% vol. alc.
Manufacturer:Devoille Distillery
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The absinthe Roquette 1797 is directly one recipe on a manuscript from the 18th Century based complex, uncommon and sharp absinthe. It represents the first serious attempt to re-create an absinthe in the modern era from the actual birth of the La Fee Verte. As the beverage, that is seen between schnapps and drinks, even exactly like a magic and mystic elixir or as modern aperitif.

The Roquette 1797 absinthe contains the classic components of anise, fennel and big wormwood together with several other herbs, of which some are not found in any other customary absinthe. The absinthe is distilled in Pontarlier in an antique Alambic in small ranks and is available in only very limited quantities.

The oldest distillations in the last Roquette is bottling almost 18 months, that youngest approximately six months old, and this maturity-degree is upheld a working production.

Absinthe Roquette 1797 should be prepared drops with icy water, that is added to the absinthe as slowly as possible, for drops ideally. A careful preparation like these allows that its subtly shining through Louche and its mighty, area-filling scent can develop in order to gain the best effect.

The colouring of Roquette 1797 absinthe is gained on the utmost traditional type with help of only two classic colouring herbs. The tone will fade like all natural chlorophyll-colourings, that there is, over a longer time gradually. The bottle should vertically stored and as a good wine is stored in cool, dark surroundings. Under no circumstances, it should be exposed to sunlight or extreme temperature-fluctuations longer time. Each Roquette 1797 bottle is locked with a high-qualitative reusable wood-cork (T-Cork) and in the end per hand with red seal-wax sealed.

The number "1797" shows the date of the used script of recipe, and "Roquette" gives the name of the trusted horse, on what Dr.. Ordinaire-the legendary father of the absinthe about the Val de Travers, tribute, rode around.


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