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HENRI BARDOUIN PASTIS0,7 l - 45% vol. alc.
Manufacturer:Absente Distillery
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The Pastis Henri Bardouin is a French Pastis Distilleries et Domaines of the de Provence. It is the only Pastis , who won a gold medal at a Paris Agricultural Fair . The Pastis Henri Bardouin differs from other Pastis its price range in flavor richness of its plants and spices . A total of 65 plants and spices are processed in Pastis Henri Bardouin so that their taste buds will be eager to savor all the flavors of this delicious drink . In the selection of herbs and spices for this pastis, strict selection criteria are respected. Unusually for a Pastis , in the Pastis Henri Bardouin that it can be enjoyed not only before eating, but also during the meal without ruining the taste of the food or the wine during the meal. Whether they now eat fish, vegetables or spicy dishes , the Pastis Henri Bardouin always fit to do so. Among other things, the following plants or spices are used : wormwood , star anise,pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, tonka bean , angelica herb , lemon balm, cinnamon, rosemary , coriander , thyme , borage , licorice root, fennel , lime , oregano, sweet clover , chamomile, and others. Some of the plants and herbs in which Pastis Henri Bardouin be harvested in your garden itself . The harvest date changes every year , depending on how the weather was . A few components come from other countries , for example, star anise from China and the liquorice comes from Syria. After the herbs and plants are macerated in alcohol, the distillation takes place . A masterpiece is then ultimately the merging of the individual components dar. Pastis Henri Bardouin should be in a ratio of one to six with ice cold water to drink . The color of this Pastis is a yellowish brown with green reflections . It is free from artificial colorings . Despite the significant presence of star anise, this Pastis is still very balanced because of the rich herbal depth in flavor. Pastis Henri Bardouin is an excellent Pastis , which can be drunk at any occasion.

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