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ABSINTHE BUTTERFLY0,70 l - 65% vol. alc.
Manufacturer:Claude Alain Bugnon
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Butterfly Absinthe is a modern interpretation of a classic pre-prohibition absinthe, which was produced in Boston in the early 1900s. The Americans produced absinthe in their own style that was different than that, imported from Europe. Pre-banned American absinthe used plenty of the herbs in the Midwest and New England grew. Fields of wormwood were grown throughout the country and gave so much of the famous herb that has been exported to Europe. The style is different from other traditional absinthes produced by the use of mint, lime peel and other herbs. A complex flavour profile that is very refreshing occurs.
1822 - Patrick Dempsey was born in Rathbran, County Wicklow, Ireland.
1842 - Patrick Dempsey is coming to America.
1846 - Patrick Dempsey is moving to Lowell, Mass., and opened a root beer business.
1846 - Patrick Dempsey is building to the P. Dempsey & Company, a wholesale liquor business.
1890 - George C. Dempsey runs the company of his father.
1899 - Patrick Dempsey retires and is replaced by his son George C. Dempsey and Patrick Keyes.
1902 - distillery and warehouses in Boston Opens at 117th Merrimac St., Lancaster and 18th St., Boston.
1902 - Patrick Dempsey died in Lowell, Massachusetts.
1912 - 1st October ban on the importation of absinthe. In addition to transporting the absinthe ban across state borders.
1914 - Name change on 1st January 1914, to P. Dempsey Co.
1916 - prohibition of absinthe began on 16th January 1920.
1922 - P. Dempsey company was dissolved 1922
2010 - Butterfly Absinthe is reborn.
Only the finest herbs, spices and flowers are used in this modern Absinthe Butterfly.
They come from all over the world and were specially selected for their high quality.
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