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KYLE ABSINTHE BIG1,0 l - 55% vol. alc.
Manufacturer:Sebor Distillery/Bairnsfather Distillery

Kyle Absinthe BIG in the big 1,0 l bottle for the bigger thirst

Kyle absinthe is something very special. It is the first absinthe distilled by Kyle Bairnsfather, the Preban Absinthe pioneer of the mountains of Prad. The mountains of Prad is a nature reserve in the Czech Republic, where the most famous city is Jesenyk. This area is well known as pure nature and all major plants and herbs, that are used in this absinthe, grow there in the wild. Kyle Absinthe is made from only four different herbs and seeds, but be careful with this recipe. The main ingredient is the home-grown wormwood growing in a valley in the Pradjed mountains and is carefully harvested by hand to the best ripening period. Further ingredients are the seeds: anise, fennel and coriander were added to take the Kyle Absinthe by their sweetness, the bitterness. The last ingredient is then the clean, smooth and fresh mountain spring water from the own spring. With the Kyle Absinthe You hold a milestone of the absinthe history in your hands, in which the plant absinthe (wormwood) is positively influenced by only three other components.
The scent : After opening the bottle and smelling it is the first guess : Do I stand for here in a wormwood field? - No, but it could be really possible due to the smell ... And after preparation the suspicion still intensified...
Preparation: Even during the preparation with icecold water in a ratio of 1:5 and a cube of sugar, You pay attention to the intensity, with which the Kyle absinthe was made ?. Because even with the cautious addition of ice cold water, you can look at a very strong turbulence at the Kyle absinthe due to the intensive wormwood content. And also now You can see a very strong beautiful louche/opalisation.
Colouring : The Kyle Absinthe is not dyed. It is a pure distillate and thus a genuine La Bleue.
Taste: What's going on there in my mouth? - you are thinking... Finally an absinthe after the Cami Toulouse Lautrec Christmas Edition, which plays a symphony on the palate. This proves a balanced and perfect interaction of all components. Really great. This absinthe definitely plays in the top league and this quite easily . It begins on the palate quite gentle and playful, then points to its high intensity, then spreads to all taste buds to form a perfect aroma and then finally goes off like a pleasure, that you never want to miss. Still a long time You feel the taste after the departure of the Kyle absinthe from Your mouth. Truly a masterpiece. This absinthe doesn`t numb the tongue also, if the louche/opalisation is very high, because the anise content is not too much. Who does not know the Kyle absinthe, knows no absinthe, I dare to say ...
Effect : Madness... Can the thujone content be less than 35 mg/kg... Slowly I make up my mind... But for this high concentration of wormwood it is no wonder... It starts still at the first glass and at the Second I stop now... ;-) :-) Even if it`s difficult ...
Our 1,0l bottles are from the same batch as the 0,5l bottles are.
The new 1,0l bottle is such heavy, that we have to calculate 4,1 Kg for it, because our shipping system concerning parcels up to 2 Kg maximum cannot function here unfortunately...
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