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0,70 l - 62% vol. alc.
Manufacturer:Cami Distillery
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Absinthe Devil is distilled in pure handicraft under application excluding natural ingredients. Only very small ranks are produced by this wonderfully fragrant absinthe. 11 different herbs, plants and seasonings are used with the distillation. The colouring is gained by three absinthe-typical herbs. With addition of cold water, a Louche effect happens here - the absinthe becomes milky. There are three absinthe-typical plant-branches still admitted in each bottle. The absinthe-effect, that improves scent, shall increase with it and the taste is intensified. A quite again autonomous absinthe, that promised our subjects very much, was created with it. It was informed of us, however, that the taste-feeling must get used to the unique aroma first and that the Devil absinthe becomes more and more well by each glass - first strange and then outstanding.

The idea for this absinthe with plant-branches in it came us absinthe and a few new experiments on the basis of the until now very bad realization of the reintroduction of the legendary Havels Gold absinthe to increase the absinthe-effect.

In order to let the plant-branches get the validity better in the bottle, all label-parts of transparent foil were produced. This also makes this absinthe optical very interesting for people, that are with you to visit and want served alcoholic from you. With the first rank, however, this label was produced passed a misprint out of a foil, that is not waterproof and is furthermore. These details comprise a high collector-value (f.e. here). Faulty-stampings of coins, and makes this first rank with 99 bottles distinctive, because after the Sold Out, waterproof labels and the misprint are fitted for this first rank. No fear, running nevertheless doesn't do this first label, however, it only should not come in connection with water. Moisture doesn't do anything... However, you can ask about a delivery of the new label also with a consequence-order, and we then enclose this self-adhesive label of the delivery. So, however, you lose the unique collector-value with this bottle.

This first rank now was stored since beginning of October 2008 so that the plants within the bottle can develop your effect and your taste. Tests yielded that the biggest effect is gained by the inlaid plants in the first two months.

Let yourself seduce with very aromatic scent and intensive taste from this exceptional absinthe and positively surprises.

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