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Manufacturer:Cami Distillery
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Absinthe Quantenspringer - Absinthe au miel, Why this name? We find that this ingenious taste represents a quantum leap in the absinthe range and that's why we called it Quantenspringer (quantum leaper).
Absinthe Quantenspringer is a honey absinthe, which is obtained due to a very very complicated distillation process. So you should not imagine that just adding a little bit honey to an absinthe or simply distilling it from honey mead. No - the Quantenspringer is based on a much more complicated procedure.
We've been thinking for a long time to make such an absinthe from a distillate or not, because the retail price must be quite high. For only one liter of absinthe Quantenspringer, for example, 1.2 kilograms of honey, which Cami's own bees produce in the forest in a nature reserve, are needed. The result, however, was so good that it would have been a sin to withhold from you - our customers, this high quality absinthe. It just tastes delicious. You do not need to sweeten with a sugar cube, because during the distillation enough healthy sweetness from the honey comes over into the distillate. Here, delicious selected absinthe herbs meet the pleasant taste of the honey. A taste explosion opens up and the palate rejoices. Let yourself be surprised by this special topic, which has devoured 1.25 years of development work.
A total of 9 herbs, other spices and honey (1.2 Kg for just 1 liter of Absinthe Quantenspringer) are used to make this extraordinary absinthe. The organic honey from Cami's own beekeeping is needed for this drink. After distillation, three different types of absinthe dyeing herbs provide the green color. But since the wormwood content in this absinthe is quite high in order to enter into a successful symbiosis with the sweetness of honey, it has about 30 mg / kg of thujone, which, among other things, provide a clear effect. But above all, it was important to have an aphrodisiac effect ...
This Quantenspringer Absinthe is distilled purely by hand in a nature reserve using pure ingredients without any artificial additives.
Recommended mixing ratio with ice cold water also completely without sugar cube: 1: 4
Please also note that the first batch is limited to only 360 bottles, making them an interesting collector's item. 
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