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ABSINTHE SINOPALE0,70 l - 65% vol. alc.
Manufacturer:Cami Distillery

Finally in sufficient number of pieces existing: Absinthe Sinopale


Absinthe SINOPALE is a new creation from the home Distillery Cami. Explanation of the name: Sin = sin, opale = selfsaying, Sinopale = the green - end can derive it from the German translation one: The sinful Greens party opal - after about. 9 an absinthe, that fits exactly in this warm summertime, was created month-y development-time and 12 sublevels. Citric-peels among other things also became distill it used here namely in order to give this exceptional absinthe an independent, fresh and unmistakable taste. The hot season with the right absinthe lets itself so also enjoy very well. Furthermore, another goal was a better scent to the comparison of the Toulouse Lautrec absinthes. z.B. if row is the scent from the bottle with the Toulouse Lautrec absinthe very low, but with dilution with water, the scent almost then unfolds more no one in contrast to some competition-product of France or Switzerland (from the bottle intensive scent) with water...) then to a very intensive scent. Here with absinthe Sinopale, to answer you itself the question already of opening of the bottle, has, whether it is about a high-quality Parfum here, that fills the area, or about a spirit. This scent then becomes only very unimportantly fewer also with dilution with water. Furthermore, a comparably more intensive green color was gained by a new Färbetechnik here.

Absinthe Sinopale is distilled in pure handicraft under application excluding natural ingredients. The green more intensive color results from 4 particular Färbekräutern. After French tradition, among other things also green anise is used, that yields a rounded off composition together with the vermouth and other absinthe-typical Ingredientien. One looks for artificial additives or approximately one Vorzuckerung in vain here fortunately. With this high-qualitative Sinopale absinthe, to create a cooling total-aroma under application of the distilled peels of chosen citrus fruits, was tried and together with the distilled fanny-table vermouth, to let a rounded off taste-picture originate. Altogether, 13 deceased vegetable ingredients were used with this absinthe.

On the basis of his/its more intensive color opalisiert he/it also very beautifully into the greenish. It is on that occasion to be also heeded that the clouding now starts much earlier and much more intensively and more densely.

The percentage of alcohol with 65 percent of vol. alc. comparatively mildly therefore come and with 0,7 l contents per bottle, the price of 39,99 EUR is rather favorably held.

It is recommended to a ratio with one piece of die-sugar of 1:3 with icy water.

You like to can your praise for us, but also your criticism about our new top-product communicates, because only so future creations can be improved. Of course we hope, and we are rather confident from it that you will like this creation under the topic: Top-absinthe meets the hot season

- and the effect is not to be despised either like I exactly by the second glass notices...


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