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ABSINTHE TOULOUSE LAUTREC LA BLEUE extra superieure0,70 l - 62% vol. alc.
Manufacturer:Cami Distillery
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The known name is Toulouse Lautrec absinthe uniquely" a pseudonym for "high-qualitative", "taste-like, "purely natural and "effectively" in the present-day absinthe-world and, to imagine away no more. Our Topproduct with reference to tasteful absinthe doesn't let us rested however and therefore, we are proud, you after longer development-time teaches the first regular Bohemian La Bleue to be able to present extra supérieure. Namely: ABSINTHE TOULOUSE LAUTREC LA BLEUE extra supérieure.




This high-qualitative absinthe is distilled in pure handicraft under application excluding natural ingredients. After Swiss tradition, among other things also "green anise" is used, that yields a rounded off composition together with the wormwood and other absinthe-typical ingredients. Since at all however aggressive star-anise not, for it the much milder "Greens party anise" is used, should itself also confirmed Anisephobiks, this masterpiece, don't let been distilled keep away this in a remote reservation in the Czech republic to try. Finally, one looks for artificial additives or a Presugaring in vain here fortunately. It is a pure distillation, that then ripens colorlessly in the bottle of course. Beside the high wormwood-share, even further 10 herbs and seasonings provide the aphrodisiding, absinthe-typical effect of this bitter-spirit. Also a beautiful clouding emerges with dilution with cold water. The recommended ratio is here in 1:3. The highest task to produce a traditional La Bleue was in the higher wormwood-share.

ABSINTHE TOULOUSE LAUTREC LA BLEUE comprises wormwood without end without disregarding however the roundness of the taste.

With the bottle, it gave up a seal of the cork with seal-wax since competition-products are on the market at present, that show, that one probably rather leaves out this wax if individual wax-particles don't fall in the bottle, that should tear off corks or should come off from the cork the wood-grip. During the delivery, the cork is secured with an plasticfoil here.

Absinthe Toulouse Lautrec turn into an unopposed price / accomplishment (quality -) relationship of 38,99 EUR with 62 percent of vol. alc. in 0,70 l bottles offered.

It becomes be rapt over the opinions of our absinthe-friends and pleases us on every praise. However, we face openly also every criticism. Only so, also absinthe can then be improved further.

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