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JADE ABSINTHE PF 19010,7 l - 68% vol. alc.
Manufacturer:Jade Liqueurs
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Absinthe Jade PF in 1901, the second-fidelity replica of Jade Liqueurs, which was carefully reconstructed from sealed bottles of a particular brand.
Absinthe Superieure Jade PF 1901 was recreated as a tribute to perhaps the most studied preban absinthe, which was developed 1,901th During the heyday of your existence, was the original mark an object of global exports and was widely seen as a cornerstone in this category. When Switzerland unjd France in the early 20th Century ban on absinthe production enacted, some of the original distilleries were liquidated. At about this time bought the Combier Brennererei in Saumur (France) was found two 1100 liter of Absinthe Kupferdestillen of Pernod Fils, the largest absinthe distillery in Pontarlier and installed it next to the 8 smaller stills which are part of the distillery were, since Gustav Eiffel them in 1894 has transformed. The significance of this history and the authenticity of these old absinthe stills were particularly important, as a TA Breaux Combier the distillery as the most appropriate place for the distillation of the Jade Vintage Absinthe clones selected.
Jade PF 1901 Absinthe Supérieure is a classic vintage-style absinthe, balanced and fresh with a stimulating herb bouquet and a balanced aftertaste that recalls the splendor of Paris during the Belle Epoque Cafes. It should be noted that for larger finds of pre-ban original in recent times, a few bottles were found, which were preserved in a remarkable condition in relation to your original color and freshness. Those who were lucky enough to be able to test those bottles were unanimous in their remarks on the striking similarities between the historical bottles and the Jade Absinthe Superieure PF 1901 pre-ban clone.
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