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JADE ABSINTHE VERTE SUISSE0,7 l - 65% vol. alc.
Manufacturer:Jade Liqueurs
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Jade Verte Suisse Absinthe 1898 is an exact replica of the absinthe of CF Berger, who was prepared 1898.
The distillery of C.F. Berger was founded in Couvet (Switzerland) in the canton of Neuchatel 1823. The Berger distillery evaluated a number of Swiss-style absinthe. The most famous of the CF Berger was the 65% vol. ,that his position as a leading 19th Absinthe Century deserved. Unfortunately, the development in the Berger absinthe distillery with the Swiss Absinthe Prohibition ended in 1910 and the distillery Berger just stopped all activities in Switzerland.
This fine Swiss absinthe would have been almost lost forever if Jade Liqueurs could not secure some of the original unopened bottles. Using proprietary analytical techniques Jade Liqueurs has laboriously keep this wonderful liqueur from extinction.
Jade Verte Suisse Absinthe 1898 is an exact replica of the original CF Berger 65 absinthe verte% and is identical from the extreme to the incredibly fine detail. Jade Verte Suisse absinthe Supérieur is made ??entirely by hand using selected plants from the original growing areas and is carefully distilled in ancient copper absinthe stills. This absinthe delivers a highlight of the best Swiss Absinthe. After tasting the Jade Verte Suisse Absinthe 1898, the expert pleasantly stimulated by its refined starch with bold fragrant scent, full bodied, rounded mouthfeel and various herbal nuances that linger on the palate.
Jade Verte Suisse Absinthe Superieure is reminiscent of the centuries-long tradition of Swiss absinthe, allowing the connoisseur to enjoy a journey into the history of absinthe. Jade Verte Suisse Absinthe serves as an ideal aperitif or as a conclusion of a hearty meal and is not out of place when you combine it with his favorite Cuban cigar.
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