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AGWA COCA LIQUEUR0,7 l - 30% vol. alc.
Manufacturer:L`OR Distillery
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 AGWA de BOLIVIA is the most single liqueur, that is produced from the Coca-plant. Beside the essences, Agwa contains caffeine, Guarana and Ginseng the Coca-plant as well. Agwa contains essential essences of the Coca-plant 40 grams / liter. Since thousand of years, the natives chew the leaves of the Coca-plant, in order to overcome tiredness, lethargy and the so-called height-illness with it, in South America since the essences of the Coca-plant make possible for the body picking up more oxygen.


AGWA de BOLIVIA is a liqueur with history:

Already over 4000 years ago, the Coca-leave became under the Andes-population (f.e.). Bolivia (Colombia) for old rituals or daily gifts uses. Today, it is drunk by the local farmers as tea or is around-chewed for it after it for hours in order to improve the (work -) performance. The result is similar for a longer caffeine or tobacco-consumption. But it is more than this.

Already 100 grams of the Coca-plant cover the everyday necessity of an adult human being of calcium, vitamine A, iron and Riboflavin. The cocaine-project of the WHO and the UN remark that Coca-users don't show any classic signs of a cocaine-consumer. then:

Coca is not the main-component of the cocaine in truth, since is contained in the Coca-plant only 0,5 percent of the alkaloid-cocaine anyway and approximately 41 chemicals are necessary in order to extract the cocaine from the Coca-leave.

Guarana, which is contained also in this spirit, is Paullina Cupana the extract of the seeds of the mean amazonic mountain-plant. The natives do a paste with the milled seeds, Manioka-flour and water. This paste is rolled cylindrically and is dried. The rest is shreded and is dissolved in warm, sweet water. The result then contains about 5% Koffeein, English tea contains about. 0,03 percent and coffee about 0,08 %). Coffeein comprises a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, the heart, the blood-vessels and the kidneys. The positive effects represent a higher movement-performance, more inferior fatigue, higher sensory activity and an elevated vigilance. The negative-effects are: Irritability, fear, nervousness, headaches and insomnia. Coffeein works very fast. Within 10 minutes, 100 mg Coffeein begin to already work, reach the action-top in 1 hours and still work about 3 Hours further.

Important authorities of the Maya and Inca-studies found out that Agwa represents the mankind's first "psycho-active" spirit-beverage.Neither the claims nor the effect are admittedly discussed, but an important Maya-basic testifies: "Herbal-beverages were the basis in the practice of the Maya-oldest. They were the visionaries and gave headstart the drink the direction. They saw that a certain connection between their spirit and the drink fermented with herbs, would exist." This drink can have been a forerunner to Agwa, however the Maya-oldest didn't drink this. They filled it into a funnel molded from pumpkin and appointed it, where the sun didn't shine. So, however, You should not enjoy Agwa in the modern time...

Already 1820, the first Bolivian Coca-leave-liqueur in Italy of a Mr. de Medici in Bologna was produced and was marketed. This liqueur was taken away however together with the prohibition of the cocaine of the market since the distillation didn't take away the active substances of the Coca-plant.

Nowadays, bales of the Bolivian Coca-leaves below armed military-protection are spent after Amsterdam / Netherlands where they are distilled and guarantee a very exactly before-certain processing the reduction of the cocaine to the standard-level, this for Europeans and U.S. import-authorities acceptable is. After the distillation, the herbs are still to it-mixed Guarana and Ginseng in order to unite the taste and, to widen the effect.



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