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0,5l - 46% vol.
Manufacturer:Cami Distillery
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GIN Cami 46 plays a taste symphony on your palate

Citation: Ulrich Hosse (Absinthe-Dealer owner): Honestly - Until recently I hated gin. The taste was for me simply not consistent, mostly juniper overloaded and not consistent. I have until then the ordinary varieties that were in the department store shelves and counters drunk, but never was something that would have tasted good to me. Nevertheless, I was aware that there are many people who love Gin and love to drink it. For me, this was surprising as I had to make these negative experiences with most gins.
So along with the Cami Distillery was the plan to distill a gin, that really has to be top, tastes definitely and therefore fun. That was about 4 years ago ...
Yes - it has almost taken 4 years with our Gin, that it was so good that it is now what it is - finally top level.
The problem was, there was still space for improvement, to improve individual taste areas to come to the perfect end result - a gin that's better known to me, clearly taste dissociates and is additionally distilled in a natural way with only natural ingredients - without any sweetening.
Just as information: Only in the "distilled gin" a sugaring is totally prohibited. In the other: e.g .: Gin, London Gin or London Dry Gin it is different. ;-) :-)
The result is now the: GIN CAMI 46
You will be surprised by the flavor composition that plays this noble spirit on your palate when it is enjoyed at an optimal storage temperature of 10° C - 16° C.
Gin Cami 46 is the first gin distilled by the Cami distillery and the result of 4 years development work with a very high number of sample distillations. In the Gin Cami 46 are combined beside juniper, angelica and coriander totally 18 exclusivel natural ingredients to an incredible flavor. It is a pure distillate and is enjoyed cooled especially pure or even as a main component to the classic gin tonic, but for which this Gin Cami 46 is almost too good.
This first batch consists of 414 bottles.
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