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MONASTERY LIQUOR HERMITE0,7 l - 40% vol. alc.
Manufacturer:Monastery Distillery St. Josef
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The monastery Liquor Hermite is a herb liquor from over 30 herbs and roots, prepared by a traditional monastery recipe of the Marist Brothers.
Since the founding of the old monasteries in the early Middle Ages, the monks felt partly responsible for the physical, mental and emotional health of those around them.
With the clearing of the German forests, the draining of the marshes, the refinement of the grain, the orchards and vineyards, in the care of the garden and medicinal plants they gave invaluable for the European culture and the health of our ancestors.
Brother Darius, in his mother's nursing home to Hermitage managed by many experiments, the rough shape of today's leading Monastery Brandy Arquebuse.
Emanuel's brother, also worked in nursing refined, originally used for internal and external use, pure herbal distillate.
He was there to help his father, who was a  pharmacist. Since 1857, his product: "L` eau d `Arquebuse de l'Hermitage" or short Arquebuse with more than 30 medicinal herbs and roots in its present composition is known and protected against any unauthorized copying.
The monastery liquor Hermite but was created by the research and development of other brothers of the tenor Dens Maris.
For over 150 years, this valuable delicacy to a proven formula in the home of the Marist Brothers distilled and enjoys great popularity among connoisseurs.
Hermite is protected by law in its composition since 1893.
Hermite monastery liquor was distilled since its creation in Hermitage, the first Mother House of the Marist Brothers, in the foothills of the Pilatmountains at St. Etienne and then in a new Genaralat in St. Genis, near Lyon.
helpful and good:
Learn here some statements from expert groups:
The secret lies in the distillates of the operation of essential oils that are released during the distillation of herbs, roots and spices.
Estimated by experts:
- To disinfect the mouth and throat, promote circulation in the gums
- To rub the skin
- For swabbing the nostrils (for catarrh)
- According fat meal
- If you feel unwell (circulatory disorders)
- For colds ... and much more!
- Clean distillate, i.e. 50% vol. alc.
the manufacturing process of this monastery brandy lasts for 12 months.
The new EU regulations do not allow, unfortunately, well-tested tools that have not approved as a drug to attribute healing and soothing effect.
You could call on demand names, telling of their own positive experiences.
The monastery liquor Hermite is being protected by law since 1893 in its composition and since 1927 officially patented.
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