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RON BAORUCO RUM 210,7 l - 40% vol. alc.
Manufacturer:Ron Matusalem
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The Rum Ron Baoruco is a Spitzenrum , which is produced on the island of Hispaniola in the Dominican Republic. This rum has its name from the homonymous province Baoruco . There, this Melassedestillat is produced before it develops its flavor at least 21 years in American oak barrels . This rum Ron Baoruco allowed exclusively molasses , sugar cane juice and water as starting materials . The mash , which is formed from these raw products, then fermented on natural way . The amber stone color gets the Ron Baoruco Reserva 21 alone by storage in oak barrels . It is in contrast to many other rum added no caramel to obtain the darker color . The bottling of rum Ron Baoruco is then in the Solera method , which is only then filtered. When you open the bottle , comes a contrary a wonderful scent of sweet vanilla, spicy tobacco, leather and tasteful fruits. When pouring into the glass one falls a heavy consistency in amber color. Then you will enjoy this distillate , knows the palate to rejoice . A pleasant warmth spreads throughout the mouth , then moving on to spread its aromas of dark chocolate , fruit, sweet vanilla, spicy tobacco and fine wood . All the flavors that are released here are rumtypische flavors and these subtle sweetness that dominates the rum Ron Baoruco is always pleasant to bear . Here recalls the true enjoyment of the starting materials of rum - just the sugar cane molasses . A Spitzenrum flat, which has no equal . We of the absinthe oasis would not use this rum mixed drink or as a cocktail , as it would be a shame to do so. To this end, this rum needs are still not varied to give three cheers for the enjoyment. Anyone who has ever drank that rum Ron Baoruco , is this probably want to drink again and again. A rum with risk of addiction . Here , this rum is also offered in a beautiful gift box with brass emblem on the bottle to make the valence and 21 years of aging significantly.
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