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STARA MYSLIVECKA0,5 l - 38% vol. alc.
Manufacturer:Palirna u zeleneho stromu
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Stara myslivecká

The Stara myslivecká is the only original since 1847 the distillery Palirna U Zeleneho Stromu . The drink Stara myslivecká was developed by the brothers Eckelmann and Ludwig junk. In this company Bramsch and Eckelmann - production of alcohol , yeast cake and liqueur - this liquor as Stara Žitna (old hunt ) was known. The label on the bottle showed a smiling hunter . Therefore, people used for many years for the Stara myslivecká nicknamed hunting. After the Second World War, the Stara myslivecká was renamed to - as the name suggests - Age hunter . The most important ingredient for the Stara myslivecká is distilled wine , which is brought from the renowned wine region " Cognac " in accordance with extracts from dried fruitiness , nuts, exotic spices and herbs. The finely tuned taste is achieved by aging in oak barrels. The recipe for the Stara myslivecká has remained the same since 166 years . Only the label and bottle shape have evolved in that time on. In the Czech Republic the Stara myslivecká liquor has been popular for decades. He was always known as a Czech cognac. The connoisseurs will be impressed by its smooth taste of wine distillate with the characteristics of the defined fruitiness. Interesting is the following: if the Stara myslivecká is served at room temperature , its flavor is clearly reminiscent of cognac. But if the Stara myslivecká " on the rocks" is served on ice , it tastes more like a whiskey.
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